The ‘Sound” of Radio XL5

We take much pride in the on-air sound of Radio XL5. We know we have the ability to deliver to you the practically identical  audio quality that we hear in the Radio XL5 studio. Why is it important? Well, first of all we believe if the sound is bad you will not hang around very long. Second, there is a psychological link between intriguing sound that is different  from old-fashioned over-the-air radio.

If you have the opportunity to stream our signal on a high quality sound system then we encourage you to so. For example, if you stream using your smart phone in the car as we do in the Radio XL5 staff car we use the BlueTooth connection and listen to some really great music that sucks you into ‘the mix” with great stereo imaging. If you are a long haul truck driver you will have the hits delivered to you in way that will keep you alert and eyes on the road.

We are Radio XL5! The Nation’s Hit Music Station! From Boston for the USA!



About Radio XL5

Radio XL5 is the Nation's Hit Music Station! From Boston for the USA! Today's hits, the 2K's, the 90's and the 80's! Weekends are made for the 80's! Check out our 80's Double Shot Weekends! Twitter: @RadioXL5 Email: FaceBook: Top 40 Radio
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