Radio XL5 Aircheck 8 February 2014

I have been asked what is it like when you go to the Radio XL5 studios in Boston and strap into the air chair…Well, it is like being on a jet ski powered by a C7 Corvette V-8 engine with a microphone dangling from the handle bars! This is not a job for someone who just wants to “phone in” a radio show. We know our listeners are of a generation that expect stuff to happen fast; fast downloads, fast ideas, and no time for the point to be made. But we also know that there is a hunger for radio programming that scratches all those itches and has a human being, a live human, on the other end. Thus, enter the new radio: Internet radio that says screw the terrestrial radio programming suits that have no new ideas and fly into a market, homogenize it and then fly out of town making your local station the same as any other station.

Now Radio XL5 is ‘The Nation’s Hit Music Station!”…”from Boston for the USA!…our brand and commitment is to make us all feel welcomed as one Nation, as one community under our individual concept of God. We live in the best Nation in the world, full of so many people, wonderful souls, and in a country of great bounty of resources and talent. We celebrate that and have fun along the way. Radio XL5 may be from Boston but we are the USA and love it! We are grateful for our men and women in uniform who keep watch over our freedom and those first responders who show up when we need them and also risk their lives as well. They are all blessings.

So for all those reasons it is so much damn fun to sit in that air chair, bolted to the jet ski, powered by a 450 HP engine and play the hits!


About Radio XL5

Radio XL5 is the Nation's Hit Music Station! From Boston for the USA! Today's hits, the 2K's, the 90's and the 80's! Weekends are made for the 80's! Check out our 80's Double Shot Weekends! Twitter: @RadioXL5 Email: FaceBook: Top 40 Radio
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