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One of the all time most successful television promotion campaigns ever for a radio personality happened right here in Boston MA where Radio XL5 exists. For those not from the Boston area or too young to remember there was a legend in radio broadcasting. His name was Dave Maynard. He worked at WBZ AM 1030. Dave has passed but he is loved here in Boston. Dave was not only a great radio personality, he was a genuinely nice man. Just a few things he did was save a caller to WBZ from committing suicide, raised millions for Boston Children’s Hospital, and found a liver donor for a young child to name some of the good deeds from his life. His famous Farm Stand, where local growers donated produce for charity was a huge success.   In his last years at ‘BZ, Dave was their morning man.

To promote his show the advertising firm headed by Bill Aydelott (now of Waverly Motion Pictures) was hired. Bill had a longtime love of radio himself and used his knowledge of film production to produce these commercials for Dave Maynard  and WBZ. They created the “Piece a Cake” themed campaign starring Dave and it was so successful it was adapted by other stations around the country. The spots were shot to amplify Dave’s personal quirks and humor along with getting the message out that Dave and the entire staff were folks you wanted to start your day off with.  There were lots of stunts, humor and the spots became something to look forward to. These spots ran 8 years with about 20 different scenarios. One of the great aspects was the momentum these spots generated: local media did stories on the making of these spots, in essence free advertising! Many of these spots were only 30 seconds in length but took about 12 hours to shoot. It takes time to make funny!  Here is an example of Dave in one of his “Piece a’Cake spots.

Here is another one!

So while we do not have the budget and time (yikes! 12 hours just to shoot a spot) we venture into video promotion for Radio XL5’s flagship personality, GP Brefini. We draw from the inspiration provided by those great WBZ spots for Dave Maynard. Radio XL5 is using every aspect of electronic and social media to spread the word that for hit music it is “The Nation’s Hit Music Station!”. We are playing “Smart Hits for Your Smart Phone”.

GP is a veteran of radio from his HS days as his bio on the Radio XL5 web page shows. His sense of humor is based on ‘do no harm”, “be mean to no one”. If anyone is going to get zinged it will be him! So that is the basic approach used in the on-air promotion of his live broadcast Saturdays 8-11 PM eastern. This sense of humor is something that people who know GP will tell you about; he always has a smile and he finds humor in life and in himself. Living is funny and if you can’t laugh at yourself then you need an attitude adjustment. Listening to him live on Saturdays is a great way to get that attitude adjustment and it is free!

So we begin this journey into video promotion of Radio XL5 and GP’s broadcasts with these two videos to get wet your radio appetite. We are in the beginning of streaming media to your automobile’s dashboard and your smart phone. The new radio is delivered via streaming over 3G/4G and 5G cell phone towers. Might as well embrace the technology. The Radio XL5 signal is there on every street corner, all over the USA in crystal clear stereo! In fact, we are all over the world from what our listeners tell us: Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia, Australia and even the International Space Station can get us! How cool is that?!

Here are our two latest videos.

In this first one GP breaks into the Radio XL5 studio and takes over the airwaves before he is eventually pinched by security.

This next video has him testing a “new” microphone with the help of trusted engineer Guido. Guido somehow mixes up some wires and, well, mayhem ensues.

Finally the very first video promo for the ’80’s Double Shot Weekend” on Radio XL5.

So expect more to come! These videos take time but as GP says they are fun. He is committed to making Radio XL5 a success, a place to go on the internet for the latest hit music, the 2Ks, the 90s and the 80s! The basic philosophy is that Radio XL5 should be positive and encouraging TOP 40 radio for the new century. At Radio XL5 we are “tipping” the hat to what was the best of radio in the past and making it relevant, topical and fresh for the new century  using today’s streaming technology!


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Diet Water….yes…DIET WATER!

Here is a perfect example in 3 minutes or so of how live radio talent makes all the difference in the world.

There are about 52,ooo free Internet radio stations on the air at any given time  and a quick check at the time of this posting there were over 600,000 people listening using their Shoutcast application.  This does not include fine services such as Pandora and Spotitfy. Many of these stations are automated where there is no human on the other end; just a computer. Ditto for many terrestrial radio stations. These are fine entertainment alternatives because at times all you want to do is disconnect from the negative vibes in the world. These options are great for doing that. Getting off the news grid is good but a steady diet of automation all the time can leave you just wanting a live human voice; just somebody living and breathing at the same moment as you listen. So many alternatives on the  Internet means these services are mostly automated when it comes to music and entertainment. Automated systems can make you feel disconnected, at times, from other humans. Now don’t get us wrong , automated systems, driven by computers, provide a mighty fine product. In our personal lives here at Radio XL5, we  love these services/prodcust. But studies show we feel more connected when there is a human on the other end. At Radio XL5, we try to provide that as often as possible. When we say we are live we mean it! We are live! We make the radio in real time. Fresh from the tap so to speak.

This brings us to our live broadcasts on Saturday nights from 8 to 11 PM (eastern) from our Radio XL5 World Broadcast Headquarters. This is when GP straps into the air chair, show prep in hand and more to say than time usually allows. The idea is connect to America from our Boston studios. We are ‘The Nation’s Hit Music Station – From Boston for the USA!” This is a big responsibility in that while we are from Boston we want the entire USA and our service men and  women to know we are one Nation. To that end GP believes radio has not changed much from the early days of radio, before television. Radio is theater of the mind. What you say and, how you say it, creates an image in the mind of the listener and that image is designed to be positive, encouraging and funny. We all have a desire to be entertained and informed. Life can be a grind but listening to “radio” should not be a grind. So at Radio XL5 you will not hear 10 minutes of commercials before you hear a “ten in a row” only to be assaulted by another ten minutes of commercials! And if you have not noticed the so called ‘air talent” on terrestrial radio are usually limited in what they can say. They often have to read “liners” and say their name once in a while.

So why are we posting this? Well this sound clip is a compilation based on a seed of an idea that GP had just as he went on the air 8 March on Radio XL5. Simply, one of his FB friends posted a status update suggesting that the next time the waitress asks what your beverage request is one should say “I’ll have a diet water” and watch for their reaction. A simple idea but GP thought it would be fun to work it into the 3 hour broadcast, sort of as a running joke. He never stated what prompted it except to acknowledge ‘Steve” who posted that status update.

So sit back and listen to “radio”, specifically Internet radio, the NEW radio; the radio that will be sent to your car’s dashboard using the 3G/4G wireless infrastructure of the Verizon’s, Sprint’s, ATT’s and T-Mobile’s of the world. Radio as in Radio XL5 is alive and creative and is the future!

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Radio XL5 Aircheck 8 February 2014

I have been asked what is it like when you go to the Radio XL5 studios in Boston and strap into the air chair…Well, it is like being on a jet ski powered by a C7 Corvette V-8 engine with a microphone dangling from the handle bars! This is not a job for someone who just wants to “phone in” a radio show. We know our listeners are of a generation that expect stuff to happen fast; fast downloads, fast ideas, and no time for the point to be made. But we also know that there is a hunger for radio programming that scratches all those itches and has a human being, a live human, on the other end. Thus, enter the new radio: Internet radio that says screw the terrestrial radio programming suits that have no new ideas and fly into a market, homogenize it and then fly out of town making your local station the same as any other station.

Now Radio XL5 is ‘The Nation’s Hit Music Station!”…”from Boston for the USA!…our brand and commitment is to make us all feel welcomed as one Nation, as one community under our individual concept of God. We live in the best Nation in the world, full of so many people, wonderful souls, and in a country of great bounty of resources and talent. We celebrate that and have fun along the way. Radio XL5 may be from Boston but we are the USA and love it! We are grateful for our men and women in uniform who keep watch over our freedom and those first responders who show up when we need them and also risk their lives as well. They are all blessings.

So for all those reasons it is so much damn fun to sit in that air chair, bolted to the jet ski, powered by a 450 HP engine and play the hits!

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The Passion Chronicles Visit Radio XL5

This post is truly fresh, as fresh as the scent of a just delivered dozen red roses. You know that scent as the roses enter the room; as they are placed in the vase and their beauty is witnessed by their new owner. The anticipation of that person as they open the card to read who sent it and why.  “Love is a wonderful thing” as  singer Michael Bolton once crooned.

As Valentines Day 2014 approaches we had the opportunity to talk with romance author Rochelle Renee from Toronto Canada. Yes, the country that sends the US all that cold air known as The Polar Vortex also sends us author Rochelle Renee who fills our hearts and minds with the warmth of love. Love is good any time of the year.

Rochelle is a gifted writer who is about to have one of her books electronically published on Amazon.com. She also provides excerpts on her webpage:


You will often see her main characters Rhiannon and Keane in her stories. The images and theater of the mind she crafts with the words she writes literally takes you away into a wonderful world of relationships. Rochelle told me during our interview that she likes to write about ordinary people with extraordinary love. How sweet that is! For any of us who have experienced extraordinary love; love that you do not take for granted, you know precisely what we are talking about.

Rochelle spent two segments with us during our live broadcast on January 25, 2014 as we played today’s hit music, the 2Ks, the 90s and the new oldies the 80s! In fact, on the weekends Radio XL5 does it’s famous “80s Double Shot Weekend”. There are so many 80s tunes we ask that you LISTEN RESPONSIBLY!

So sit back, listen to our Interview with Rochelle Renee. You can also follow her on FaceBook at: https://www.facebook.com/thepassionchronicles

Now our Interviews, Part 1 and Part 2 with romance author Rochelle Renee. Enjoy!

Part 1: https://soundcloud.com/radioxl5/interview-rochelle-renee

Part 2: https://soundcloud.com/radioxl5/interview-rochelle-renee-1


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Boston Children’s Hospital

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! GP here!

Radio XL5 is heard all over the USA (and most of the free world). We believe we are blessed with an opportunity  to do some good with this large potential audience. It is just who we are. This is why we run one 30 or 60 second public service announcement per hour. We know we risk that some might say “Oh crud! This is the Internet! Ads?” . But we also believe those are the minority and most will appreciate and be motivated to perhaps support the fine non-profit charities we support. But this holiday season, we wanted to do something extra special specific for our second December on the air. We looked to our friend Jordan Rich of Chart Productions (www.chartproductions.com) and the legendary CBS O&O WBZ AM 1030 here in Boston who has tirelessly lent his talent to helping charities. I had the honor of working with Jordan over ten years ago when I was the PR/Media Chair and Board Member of South Shore Habitat for Humanity (www.sshabitat.org). Jordan was always there for us. For the last 14 years he has worked to help raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital (http://www.childrenshospital.org/) through various means but one neat way is through his publication of a booklet called “For The Children”. This year’s ‘For the Children-14″ (i.e. FTC14) was the latest edition of a collection of prose, poetry, illustrations and recipes and more. Our kids represent the best things we bring into the world.

As Jordan writes in the preface to FTC14:
“Boston Children’s Hospital is the place where all kids matter. It is where skilled physicians, nurses, researchers, therapists and volunteers make it their obligation everyday to better the lives of children.”

Why Boston Children’s? There are certainly other pediatric hospitals doing great work around the nation. For one thing in the  2013-14 rankings, U.S. News surveyed 179 pediatric centers to obtain clinical data in 10 specialties and asked 150 pediatric specialists in each specialty where they would send the sickest children. Eighty-seven hospitals ranked in at least one specialty. Ten hospitals that had high scores in at least three specialties were named to the Honor Roll. Boston Children’s is #1 in Cardiology & Heart Surgery, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Gastroenterology & GI Surgery, Neonatology, Nephrology, Neurology & Neurosurgery, and Urology.

So I asked Jordan if I could promote FTC14 on Radio XL5 every hour for the month of December. After writing the script, cutting the spot for specifically for Radio XL5 and submitting to Jordan for his comments he then made our holiday season, our Christmas extra special, by granting his approval. So once we got the “OK” we put it in our broadcast hour. The 60 second spot played every hour just before our normal break and station ID. Here is the spot from our SoundCloud site:


The holidays are over but the need is still there. Boston Children’s Hospital treats children from all over the USA and the world. It is a place of healing and hope for our best legacy in life: our children. If you would like to help Boston Children’s Hospital click on the link below and then find the tab near the top of the window “Ways To Help”.

I want to thank Jordan for letting Radio XL5 help. It meant so much to me personally. I wish you all a Happy New Year and God’s blessings!

GP Brefini
Minister of Music- Radio XL5
The Nation’s Hit Music Station!
From Boston for the USA!

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Radio XL5 Aircheck from Dec. 28, 2013

Every week we go live on Radio XL5!
Tune in each Saturday from 8 to midnight eastern time zone @ http://www.RadioXL5.com
Here is our air check from 28 Dec 2013, our last live broadcast from 2013.

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The ‘Sound” of Radio XL5

We take much pride in the on-air sound of Radio XL5. We know we have the ability to deliver to you the practically identical  audio quality that we hear in the Radio XL5 studio. Why is it important? Well, first of all we believe if the sound is bad you will not hang around very long. Second, there is a psychological link between intriguing sound that is different  from old-fashioned over-the-air radio.

If you have the opportunity to stream our signal on a high quality sound system then we encourage you to so. For example, if you stream using your smart phone in the car as we do in the Radio XL5 staff car we use the BlueTooth connection and listen to some really great music that sucks you into ‘the mix” with great stereo imaging. If you are a long haul truck driver you will have the hits delivered to you in way that will keep you alert and eyes on the road.

We are Radio XL5! The Nation’s Hit Music Station! From Boston for the USA!


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