Boston Children’s Hospital

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! GP here!

Radio XL5 is heard all over the USA (and most of the free world). We believe we are blessed with an opportunity  to do some good with this large potential audience. It is just who we are. This is why we run one 30 or 60 second public service announcement per hour. We know we risk that some might say “Oh crud! This is the Internet! Ads?” . But we also believe those are the minority and most will appreciate and be motivated to perhaps support the fine non-profit charities we support. But this holiday season, we wanted to do something extra special specific for our second December on the air. We looked to our friend Jordan Rich of Chart Productions ( and the legendary CBS O&O WBZ AM 1030 here in Boston who has tirelessly lent his talent to helping charities. I had the honor of working with Jordan over ten years ago when I was the PR/Media Chair and Board Member of South Shore Habitat for Humanity ( Jordan was always there for us. For the last 14 years he has worked to help raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital ( through various means but one neat way is through his publication of a booklet called “For The Children”. This year’s ‘For the Children-14″ (i.e. FTC14) was the latest edition of a collection of prose, poetry, illustrations and recipes and more. Our kids represent the best things we bring into the world.

As Jordan writes in the preface to FTC14:
“Boston Children’s Hospital is the place where all kids matter. It is where skilled physicians, nurses, researchers, therapists and volunteers make it their obligation everyday to better the lives of children.”

Why Boston Children’s? There are certainly other pediatric hospitals doing great work around the nation. For one thing in the  2013-14 rankings, U.S. News surveyed 179 pediatric centers to obtain clinical data in 10 specialties and asked 150 pediatric specialists in each specialty where they would send the sickest children. Eighty-seven hospitals ranked in at least one specialty. Ten hospitals that had high scores in at least three specialties were named to the Honor Roll. Boston Children’s is #1 in Cardiology & Heart Surgery, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Gastroenterology & GI Surgery, Neonatology, Nephrology, Neurology & Neurosurgery, and Urology.

So I asked Jordan if I could promote FTC14 on Radio XL5 every hour for the month of December. After writing the script, cutting the spot for specifically for Radio XL5 and submitting to Jordan for his comments he then made our holiday season, our Christmas extra special, by granting his approval. So once we got the “OK” we put it in our broadcast hour. The 60 second spot played every hour just before our normal break and station ID. Here is the spot from our SoundCloud site:

The holidays are over but the need is still there. Boston Children’s Hospital treats children from all over the USA and the world. It is a place of healing and hope for our best legacy in life: our children. If you would like to help Boston Children’s Hospital click on the link below and then find the tab near the top of the window “Ways To Help”.

I want to thank Jordan for letting Radio XL5 help. It meant so much to me personally. I wish you all a Happy New Year and God’s blessings!

GP Brefini
Minister of Music- Radio XL5
The Nation’s Hit Music Station!
From Boston for the USA!


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