The Passion Chronicles Visit Radio XL5

This post is truly fresh, as fresh as the scent of a just delivered dozen red roses. You know that scent as the roses enter the room; as they are placed in the vase and their beauty is witnessed by their new owner. The anticipation of that person as they open the card to read who sent it and why.  “Love is a wonderful thing” as  singer Michael Bolton once crooned.

As Valentines Day 2014 approaches we had the opportunity to talk with romance author Rochelle Renee from Toronto Canada. Yes, the country that sends the US all that cold air known as The Polar Vortex also sends us author Rochelle Renee who fills our hearts and minds with the warmth of love. Love is good any time of the year.

Rochelle is a gifted writer who is about to have one of her books electronically published on She also provides excerpts on her webpage:

You will often see her main characters Rhiannon and Keane in her stories. The images and theater of the mind she crafts with the words she writes literally takes you away into a wonderful world of relationships. Rochelle told me during our interview that she likes to write about ordinary people with extraordinary love. How sweet that is! For any of us who have experienced extraordinary love; love that you do not take for granted, you know precisely what we are talking about.

Rochelle spent two segments with us during our live broadcast on January 25, 2014 as we played today’s hit music, the 2Ks, the 90s and the new oldies the 80s! In fact, on the weekends Radio XL5 does it’s famous “80s Double Shot Weekend”. There are so many 80s tunes we ask that you LISTEN RESPONSIBLY!

So sit back, listen to our Interview with Rochelle Renee. You can also follow her on FaceBook at:

Now our Interviews, Part 1 and Part 2 with romance author Rochelle Renee. Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:



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