Having Fun Using Video to Promote Radio XL5



One of the all time most successful television promotion campaigns ever for a radio personality happened right here in Boston MA where Radio XL5 exists. For those not from the Boston area or too young to remember there was a legend in radio broadcasting. His name was Dave Maynard. He worked at WBZ AM 1030. Dave has passed but he is loved here in Boston. Dave was not only a great radio personality, he was a genuinely nice man. Just a few things he did was save a caller to WBZ from committing suicide, raised millions for Boston Children’s Hospital, and found a liver donor for a young child to name some of the good deeds from his life. His famous Farm Stand, where local growers donated produce for charity was a huge success.   In his last years at ‘BZ, Dave was their morning man.

To promote his show the advertising firm headed by Bill Aydelott (now of Waverly Motion Pictures) was hired. Bill had a longtime love of radio himself and used his knowledge of film production to produce these commercials for Dave Maynard  and WBZ. They created the “Piece a Cake” themed campaign starring Dave and it was so successful it was adapted by other stations around the country. The spots were shot to amplify Dave’s personal quirks and humor along with getting the message out that Dave and the entire staff were folks you wanted to start your day off with.  There were lots of stunts, humor and the spots became something to look forward to. These spots ran 8 years with about 20 different scenarios. One of the great aspects was the momentum these spots generated: local media did stories on the making of these spots, in essence free advertising! Many of these spots were only 30 seconds in length but took about 12 hours to shoot. It takes time to make funny!  Here is an example of Dave in one of his “Piece a’Cake spots.

Here is another one!

So while we do not have the budget and time (yikes! 12 hours just to shoot a spot) we venture into video promotion for Radio XL5’s flagship personality, GP Brefini. We draw from the inspiration provided by those great WBZ spots for Dave Maynard. Radio XL5 is using every aspect of electronic and social media to spread the word that for hit music it is “The Nation’s Hit Music Station!”. We are playing “Smart Hits for Your Smart Phone”.

GP is a veteran of radio from his HS days as his bio on the Radio XL5 web page shows. His sense of humor is based on ‘do no harm”, “be mean to no one”. If anyone is going to get zinged it will be him! So that is the basic approach used in the on-air promotion of his live broadcast Saturdays 8-11 PM eastern. This sense of humor is something that people who know GP will tell you about; he always has a smile and he finds humor in life and in himself. Living is funny and if you can’t laugh at yourself then you need an attitude adjustment. Listening to him live on Saturdays is a great way to get that attitude adjustment and it is free!

So we begin this journey into video promotion of Radio XL5 and GP’s broadcasts with these two videos to get wet your radio appetite. We are in the beginning of streaming media to your automobile’s dashboard and your smart phone. The new radio is delivered via streaming over 3G/4G and 5G cell phone towers. Might as well embrace the technology. The Radio XL5 signal is there on every street corner, all over the USA in crystal clear stereo! In fact, we are all over the world from what our listeners tell us: Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia, Australia and even the International Space Station can get us! How cool is that?!

Here are our two latest videos.

In this first one GP breaks into the Radio XL5 studio and takes over the airwaves before he is eventually pinched by security.

This next video has him testing a “new” microphone with the help of trusted engineer Guido. Guido somehow mixes up some wires and, well, mayhem ensues.

Finally the very first video promo for the ’80’s Double Shot Weekend” on Radio XL5.

So expect more to come! These videos take time but as GP says they are fun. He is committed to making Radio XL5 a success, a place to go on the internet for the latest hit music, the 2Ks, the 90s and the 80s! The basic philosophy is that Radio XL5 should be positive and encouraging TOP 40 radio for the new century. At Radio XL5 we are “tipping” the hat to what was the best of radio in the past and making it relevant, topical and fresh for the new century  using today’s streaming technology!



About Radio XL5

Radio XL5 is the Nation's Hit Music Station! From Boston for the USA! Today's hits, the 2K's, the 90's and the 80's! Weekends are made for the 80's! Check out our 80's Double Shot Weekends! www.RadioXL5.com Twitter: @RadioXL5 Email: RadioXL5@aol.com FaceBook: www.facebook.com/RadioXL5 Top 40 Radio
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