Reflecting on Our First Year With ShoutCastStreaming

When Radio XL5 went live on Tax Day April 2012 we were distributed by a division of LoudCity called LoudCaster. The idea behind LoudCaster was to be a One-Stop-Shop for Internet radio stations. They provided the servers to stream our content but also collected the music royalties. That relationship went pretty well although they would only give us a 32KBS AAC+ stream for technical reasons we were told. Sonically it had it’s “moments”. We were sending LoudCaster a high quality MP3 stream and their equipment would crush it to 32KBS….Oh those  wishy washy audio artifacts! But we lived with it because we were promised that with new servers would come higher bandwidths. Well, that never happened because on Saturday of Labor Day Weekend we received an urgent email blast from LoudCaster; they were going out of business and would shut down Oct 1, 2012!  I (GP, Minister of Music of Radio XL5) was taking my first vacation (2 days, big whoop) of the year having a great time cycling up and down the big hills of New Hampshire. So now a new streaming company would need to be obtained as well as stream monitoring company (for royalties). Not only that, the station web site, still not in the best shape would have to be modified. We were, to put it mildly, in a slow panic! Our selection of ShoutCastStreaming came from recommendations from Bob Perry of Big Sticks Broadcasting, owner of The Penthouse (, and on-air personality at WHLI. Radio XL5 has it’s beginnings in the great advice he gave to us. We decided to go with Marvin Glass’ to collect the royalties. So on Oct 1, 2012 Radio XL5 put a new website up that we designed in-house and, with the help of Go-Daddy to host our station website, we went live a few days later, reborn and re-imaged. With ShoutCastStreaming ( we have had great support from them, in particular their Dennis Fallon. Dennis and Marvin have been great to do business with. We are grateful that we have them on our team. Of course Go-Daddy is great for their help when the website does not work properly which has always been due to  someone at Radio XL5! (who shall remain nameless…shhh!) Since then our stream went from 32 kbps AAC+ in our LoudCaster days to 128K and finally 192 kbs MP3 stream using our ShoutCastStreaming servers. We monitor our stream of course and, what we hear in the air studio you also hear on your end of the stream. That is important to us at Radio XL5. As an Internet station playing today’s hit music back to the 80s) which we call the “new oldies”) we have the ability to deliver a stream to your mobile device and car dashboard that terrestrial FM radio, even HD radio, can not provide. Why is that important? Simple; listener survey after survey show that while the content is what the listener is there for, the listening experience is just as important. This experience is done with the magic of audio processing that allows you to “hear into the music”. What do we mean by “hearing into the music”? It means hearing the pluck of every string of a guitar, the thump and whack of percussion instruments, and bright and clear vocals without sounding over processed. We were doing that back in April 2012 but we were not distributed in a technical format that preserved that hard work. Now, what you hear is what we effectively send. And we have noticed that the dwell time or linger time on our station went up almost immediately when we went to our 192k stream. Our audio signature is consistent for a station that plays music from 1980 to 2013 (at the time of this posting). It is why you as the public will be hearing of the “connected dash”. People want what they can do on their smart phones to be built into their dash boards. Wireless carriers are rolling out 4G and securing new radio spectrum so your Internet radio reception will be as seamless and ubiquitous as terrestrial radio but with few if any commercials, extremely high quality audio and no satellite radio fees. If you have not explored the world of Internet radio get the TuneIn app on your smart phone and have fun! We have regular listeners that make Radio XL5 the place to go for today’s cutting edge hit music  as well as the hits of the 2Ks, the 90s and the new oldies, the 80s.  The music styles, the instruments used and even the recording technology has changed in the over 3 decades of music we play yet our sound is consistent. We are proud of that. So looking back one year we are very happy with Radio XL5. Stay tuned more things are coming. We already have live programming, apps for your smart phones on our station website and lots of great  music. We thank all the people we mentioned but most importantly YOU, the audience!

GP, Minister of Music
Radio XL5


About Radio XL5

Radio XL5 is the Nation's Hit Music Station! From Boston for the USA! Today's hits, the 2K's, the 90's and the 80's! Weekends are made for the 80's! Check out our 80's Double Shot Weekends! Twitter: @RadioXL5 Email: FaceBook: Top 40 Radio
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